Watch Beyoncé’s Powerful Speech During The Hurricane Relief Telethon

She spoke on climate change, racism, and the need to band together in the face of disaster.

September 12, 2017

During the Hand In Hand telethon, which is raising funds for the massive relief efforts that have begun in the wake of consecutive disastrous and deadly hurricanes which have left millions with extensive storm damage and entire communities ravaged by flood waters, Beyoncé gave a powerful speech. This is the second speech she has given in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.


"Just when you think it couldn't possibly get any worse, natural disasters take precious life, do massive damage, and forever change life," she said into the camera, as video clips of destruction and flooding flashed across the screen. "Countless families are now homeless."

"Natural disasters don't discriminate. They don't see if you're an immigrant, Black or White, Hispanic or Asian, Jewish or Muslim, wealthy, or poor," she added. "It doesn't matter if you're from Third Ward or River Oaks, we're all in this together."

Perhaps the most powerful part of her speech was the clear call for action beyond acknowledgement when it came to climate change.

"The effects of climate change are playing out around the world everyday. Just this past week, we've seen devastation from the monsoon in India, an 8.1 magnitude earthquake in Mexico and multiple catastrophic hurricanes. Irma alone has left a trail of death and destruction from the Caribbean to Florida to the Southern United States. We have to be prepared for what comes next."

Watch the full clip above, and donate to the Hand In Hand Hurricane Relief Fund here.

Watch Beyoncé’s Powerful Speech During The Hurricane Relief Telethon