British Police Agree To Review Controversial Risk Assessment Form 696

The Met has previously been accused of targeting grime artists and restricting them from performing live.

September 21, 2017

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British police have agreed to review a controversial process in staging live music that has been accused of negatively affecting rap, grime, and R&B artists. London's Evening Standard reports that Mayor Sadiq Khan has ordered a review of the so-called "Form 696" following a meeting with artists, venues, and promoters this week.


The police say that the form helps to reduce crime and disorder at live shows. However, grime artists have repeatedly complained that they have been unfairly targeted by the authorities. Giggs had a 2010 live tour cancelled following police advice. In 2016 he said he still faces "so much nonsense" to book shows. JME, meanwhile, looked into the process for a documentary in 2014.

Speaking to the Standard, Khan said: “This risk assessment shouldn’t compromise the capital’s vibrant grassroots music industry or unfairly target one community or music genre, which is why the Met is reviewing their Form 696 process.”

London's Superintendent Roy Smith said: “So far in 2017 no events have been cancelled at the request of the police following the submission of a Form 696. We welcome the opportunity to work with the music industry and the Mayor’s office to review the process.”

The FADER has reached out for further comment.

British Police Agree To Review Controversial Risk Assessment Form 696