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Sean Nicolas Savage is stripped-down and full of longing on “Lifestyles”

Stream the Montreal singer’s new single.

September 26, 2017

Sean Nicholas Savage has long been admired in Canada for his bare, baroque lounge-pop. After last year's visual album Magnificent Fist and an appearance on "Where Do We Go" from Solange's A Seat At The Table, Savage will drop his latest project Yummycoma on October 13. "Lifestyles," his new single, shows how Savage eschews the "retro" for the "classic," a credit to his skills as a composer: drums clatter through cheap, beautiful reverb in a twinkling zodiac of synths, as Savage's voice, still one-of-a-kind, rallies through emotional collapse and stewards us through unfettered feeling.


Savage shared an evocative statement on the song over email:


re: lifestyles
a bit like mariachi singers
slowed down
like the flower duet
and poetically
one painfully waking
finding that some things are now too late
and that some things are never too late

Yummycoma is out October 13 via Arbutus Records. Pre-order it here

Thumbnail collage by Sean Nicholas Savage

Sean Nicolas Savage is stripped-down and full of longing on “Lifestyles”