Heartstreets links up with Kaytranada for the intensely emotional “Blind”

A Montreal collab that cuts deep.

September 28, 2017

Soulful Montreal duo Heartstreets got together with their hometown's prodigal son Kaytranada for the excellent and emotionally heavy track "Blind." It's the kind of song you want to sway along to at a show and wipe away some tears to. Over Kay's sparse beat, the pair come together to ask, with varying intensity, a big question: "On the edge about to jump, hope they'll get it / But will they catch me? / From so far away."


Over email, the group explained the extremely layered meaning behind the song. "It touches the aspects of going after what you love no matter what," they said. "To being aware of your environment and not turning a blind eye to the things happening to the world. It's a song we hope will reach as many people possible and maybe make them think a little bit before shrugging things off and pretending everything is okay."