This kid is screaming your favorite new songs and it’s funny as shit

Meet harold1s1k.

September 29, 2017

Hunter1s1k is funny as shit. A young, internet-apt human from Long Island, New York, he’s got a treasure trove of original “editz, memez, skitz, game playz, and sometimez de animationz” on his heavily-subscribed-to YouTube channel.


But his genre of video edit that has me the weakest — and is his most popular — is “[insert song title] But I’m Screaming The Lyrics.” The concept is simple enough — over instrumentals of songs like Cardi B’s “Bodak Yellow,” Lil Uzi Vert’s “444+222,” or, 21 Savage's "Bank Account," hunter1s1k screams literally every word of the songs he’s chosen, including ad libs. Again, simple enough — but weirdly mesmerizing. I find myself having an odd calm wash over me as I click through video after video of screamed versions of my favorite new songs.

He's got over a million views on most of them, and I'm not really surprised — they're well-done, and his scream-voice is actually really good, and more often than not melodically aligned with the source material. I have a few questions, though: where is he recording all of this screamed-ass audio? And how are his throat cells recovering quickly enough for this prolific output? Suffice to say: I'm impressed.

Watch the rest of his scream videos here, and help get Hunter1s1k subscriber count to 500K — he says he'll scream the entire script of Shrek when he gets there.

This kid is screaming your favorite new songs and it’s funny as shit