Bruce Springsteen calls Kanye West’s The Life Of Pablo “an amazing creation”

The Boss is also a fan of Lana Del Rey.

October 04, 2017
Bruce Springsteen calls Kanye West’s <i>The Life Of Pablo</i> “an amazing creation” Kanye West and Bruce Springsteen   Photos by Larry Busacca and Jemal Countess for Getty Images

As part of a new cover story with Variety, Bruce Springsteen discussed his appreciation for Kanye West's album The Life Of Pablo, as Exclaim! points out.


Springsteen discussed his admiration for the album as he revealed the contents of his iTunes folder. “I thought that was an amazing creation, especially the arrangements," he said.

Other artists that Springsteen enjoys include Lana Del Rey ("I love her, especially the extended version of her first record [Born to Die]"), and Sufjan Stevens (“He’s great.”)

The boss was more diplomatic when it came to Taylor Swift, who Springsteen saw in concert with his daughter Jessica. "[Swift’s] audience experiences her songwriting very, very personally, and I think she’s speaking to a large part of them very personally," he said.

"As far as craft, [her songs are] really, really well-built and well-made; they’re very, very sturdy, and the records are too. I admire the modern record-making craft and modern songwriting. It’s not necessarily something I’m driving around listening to in my car 24-7 — I’m too old, I tend to listen to older music."

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Bruce Springsteen calls Kanye West’s The Life Of Pablo “an amazing creation”