Giggs says Wamp 2 Dem is a message to critics of U.K. rappers

The Londoner also explained why Drake doesn’t appear on his new mixtape during a Beats 1 interview.

October 11, 2017

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Giggs has opened up about his inspiration behind new mixtape Wamp 2 Dem and how a perceived lack of respect from America spurred him to get back in the studio. Speaking to Beats 1 host Ebro Darden, the London rapper said the new project was made in part as a response to some of the negative feedback he received after working with Drake on More Life. His appearance on that release led to some Twitter users sharing disrespectful and mocking memes of U.K. rappers earlier this year.


"People [like] that [online critics] just don’t understand," Giggs told Darden. "That’s what the whole mixtape was about really. And everyone was like, 'Why are you watching this feedback from America and what not?' What I did care about was people wasn’t really respecting England, like the hoods and shit. I didn’t really like the disrespect of what man’s been through. Wamp 2 Dem was more showing where we’re coming, [explaining that] we’re the same as you."

Giggs also explained why Drake is not on Wamp 2 Dem. "We’ve done two songs this year," he said. "People have heard that so there’s no point in milking it."

Watch a clip of Giggs FaceTiming with Darden below.

Giggs says Wamp 2 Dem is a message to critics of U.K. rappers