Rexx Life Raj shares “2Free” video, announces debut album Father Figure 2

The album is due out November 17.

October 16, 2017

Berkeley rising star Rexx Life Raj has announced his upcoming debut album, Father Figure 2: Flourish, and shared a new video for the lead single "2Free." On the new song, Raj meditates on how far he's come in the past year and the video finds him rowing around Oakland's Lake Merritt, a popular gathering place for the city's residents.


Over email, Rexx Life Raj explained the significance of the video's location:

Shooting at the lake was significant because sometimes I find my self floating through my mind, on an undersized children's canoe, in an ocean of irregular thought, which is probably why a lot of people think I'm irregular like that one time in 4th grade when we took a field-trip to the petting zoo, and I had an intense 11-minute conversation with a goat named Jezebel who told me that Jezebel was a slave name given to her by her captures, and her real name was Matilda of The Green Hills, and that if I kept writing I would eventually understand the true meaning of being a GOAT.. I wanted to bring this into the physical realm which is why we shot at Lake Merritt.

Watch the new video above and preorder Father Figure 2: Flourish here.

Rexx Life Raj shares “2Free” video, announces debut album Father Figure 2