Metro Boomin’ doesn’t trust this division of Atlantic Records

In a Twitter thread, the Atlanta producer warned up-and-comers.

Photographer Gunner Stahl
October 18, 2017

On Twitter Wednesday, Metro Boomin’ began a conversation warning producers about a division of Atlantic Records. “PSA to producers everywhere, don't let @AtlanticRecords steal your soul," he tweeted. He continued the thread by clarifying that he was not talking about the company as a whole, but specifically its Artist Partner Group, APG, headed by Mike Caren.


"What I said about Atlantic was directed at Mike Caren and the APG division who deals directly with producers and songwriters," he clarified. The Atlanta producer was then joined by others who confirmed Metro’s brand of the APG division as “vultures.”

"Caron looked 2012 Mike Will in the eyes after hearing my whole catalog and said you don't have ANY hits but we can help u wit that," fellow Atlanta producer Mike WiLL Made-It tweeted. The Ear Drummer founder is now a multi-platinum producer.

"That’s all they want to do,” London On Da Track wrote in response to a tweet where Metro said APG just wanted "to slave you and steal your music to make hits."

Mike Caren’s label represents successful artists, including Kevin Gates and Kehlani.

"It is just so demeaning to take advantage of hungry artists/producers/writers who put their whole life into their music just 4 u to rob them," Metro Boomin’ wrote. He ended the thread by saying that this behavior is one of the reasons he decided to start his own label. See the rest of the producer's comments below.