Please just watch this Swedish R&B trap video immediately

You don’t need to speak the language to know Cherrie’s “163 För Evigt” is amazing.

October 20, 2017

I have been playing “163 För Evigt” non-stop in recent weeks, brushing up on the basic Swedish I picked up binge watching detective show The Bridge in the process. It started when @JamzLdn excitedly tweeted about a video he'd found online. "No idea what they’re saying but it’s wavy," he wrote alongside a short clip of Swedish R&B singer Cherrie's “163 För Evigt” visual. The video catches her looking like a young Aaliyah, dressed in a pink puffa jacket with matching shades, and working it in front of a gang of her friends. She’s singing in her native language, but you don't need to speak it to know that the song’s an undeniable banger.


Cherrie's debut album Sherihan came out in 2016 and features a collaboration with Stormzy. However, “163 För Evigt” is new and adds a trap influence to her smooth slow jams that is really working for her. I can't wait to see what's next. Kick-start your own obsession by hitting play on the video above.

Please just watch this Swedish R&B trap video immediately