Yaeji all day

That’s what I play.

October 26, 2017
Yaeji all day GODMODE / www.youtube.com

All day I listen to the Brooklyn artist Yaeji.


I listen to her song “Drink I’m Sippin On,” from her second EP due November 3.

I listen to her FADER Mix from this summer and geek out to Nazuk's interview.

The Boiler Room set she just did was crazy too!

I listen to “Feel It Out,” from her first EP. I've been drinking a lot of coconut water with pineapple, so this video makes me feel good.


I feel late because her T-shirts are all sold out, but I hope there will be new ones soon.

Yaeji all day Yaeji

Grimes posted on Instagram that Yaeji is “gonna blow up,” YouTube tipped her off as an Artist On The Rise, Pitchfork profiled her this week, and Genius had her decode her lyrics.

Check your watch — it's Yaeji time.

Pre-order Yaeji’s EP2 now before it comes out on GODMODE on November 3.
Yaeji all day