Watch “Cryin,” The Liza Colby Sound’s simple and sultry new video

The New York rock crew’s new EP comes out November 17.

October 30, 2017

New York rock and roll has had countless incarnations. The Liza Colby Sound feels informed by a good handful of them, pairing sexy-soul vocals with gritty garage textures and late-night riffs. In the new video for "Cryin" — off the band's Draw EP, due November 17 — frontperson Liza Colby, who has previously sang with Enrique Iglesias and John Legend, prances and slinks around a white room that vaguely recalls the now-iconic "Single Ladies" imagery. In lieu of calculated choreography, Colby is powerful and free, her movements like a physical manifestation of the ache she's singing about.


"Everyone needs to experience heartbreak and a punch in the face at least once in their life," the singer told The FADER in an email. "Both are humbling, like rock and roll and crying." Hit play above.

The Liza Colby Sound plays at Bowery Electric in NYC on 11/1.