Here are 16 accounts to follow if you like freaky found art

Craigslist mirrors, thrift store portraits, and more.

November 01, 2017

I have always been a collector of images. Occasionally I'll make collages, but mostly I like keeping magazine cutouts and contextless screenshots sitting around. I sift through them sometimes, dreaming about doing something with them someday.


The multimedia artist Jim Shaw has an enormous assortment of religious pamphlets, posters, banners, and a collection of thrift store paintings, all shown at the New Museum in 2015. It's a collection that would make any visual-art-inclined weirdo envious. There's something strangely calming about found art, ugly art, and contextless media.

Maybe not everyone is as obsessive, but there are still a number of likeminded folks out there, gathering and uploading images they find freaky and cool and beautiful. From closeups of hands on the subway to isolated fruit stickers, follow these 16 accounts to see if you have a taste for bizarre found art — or, if you're like me, to get your fill of it.

1. YouTube Artifacts
2. Scenic Simpsons
3. Freak Scene
4. ifyouhigh
5. Craigslist Mirrors
6. Cool Box Art
7. Everything Is Terrible
8. Sad Topographies
9. Fruit Stickers
10. Ugly Design
11. Subway Hands
12. Label Time
13. Unsolved Mysteries People
14. The Grimy Ghost
15. Thrift Store Art
16. Paperback Paradise
Posted: November 01, 2017