Everything you need to know about Chloe x Halle

They know how powerful Michelle Obama’s energy really is.

November 02, 2017

Chloe x Halle, the incredibly talented sisters signed to Beyoncé's Parkwood Entertainment imprint, released their first mixtape this spring and it's a pretty stellar debut. They also know a thing or two about flipping your favorite songs into original masterpieces of their own.


At the end of this summer, the duo came to The FADER to spill some secrets about some of the cooler stuff they've been up to lately. The sisters fondly recalled what it was like hanging out on set with the women of Bey's Lemonade, including a great game of Uno with their costar Amandla Stenberg. They also talked about what it was like to meet Michelle Obama, the secrets of filming music videos with horses, and their perspective on being older sisters.

Everything you need to know about Chloe x Halle