Chance The Rapper is speaking out against Chicago’s planned $95 million police academy

The Chicago native joined activists at city hall.

November 08, 2017

Chance The Rapper was spotted on Wednesday morning at a city hall meeting in Chicago, voicing his opposition to the city's planned development of a $95 million police academy in Garfield Park.


The Chicago native, who has been a vocal advocate of increased funding for public schools, attended city hall with activists such as the VOYCE Project, For the People, Assata's Daughters, and others protesting under the banner of #NoCopAcademy. "There's a lot of ways to transform the city without policing," the rapper said, according to Sarah Lazare of In These Times.

On Tuesday in The Huffington Post, Dave Stieber urged Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel to reform the city's policing. Earlier this year, a review by the Department of Justice found "that CPD was responsible for the use of excessive and deadly force against people who pose no threat, use of force in health crises, exhibit racially discriminatory behavior, having officers with no accountability and who are poorly trained." Emanuel's administration claims that the new $95 million complex is being built to address the concerns of the Justice Department.

Mayor Emanuel was reportedly absent for Chance's remarks. "I guess the mayor had to step out when I walked in," Chance said.

Thumbnail of Chance the Rapper by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for Firefly Music Festival