Rising D.C. rapper Lightshow debuts "Shoot for the Stars”

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November 08, 2017

Last week, Washington, D.C. rapper Lightshow dropped his newest project, Kalorama Heights. Premiering today on The FADER is the video for its uplifting opening track, “Shoot For The Stars.” In the video, Lightshow drives through the nation’s capital at night on a series of missions, taking moments to reflect on his past and relish in the good he’s got going for him. “Momma said shoot for the stars / Ma look at me, I’m a star,” he proclaims proudly, smiling and sitting on atop a car. “Grandma said takeover the world / Scarface said the world is ours.”


“We're all shooting for the stars, but there are different ways to go about it,” Lightshow shared with The FADER over email. “For many people, that means money. The video shows different worlds colliding, and I'm just the car that's moving in-between different situations. D.C. is pretty at night but there's a lot of stuff happening underneath; the vultures still come out." Watch the video above, and listen to Kalorama Heights here.

Rising D.C. rapper Lightshow debuts "Shoot for the Stars”