Watch K. Michelle show off her rapping skills in her new “Birthday” video

She’s got some “pretty bitches comin’ through” for your birthday.”

November 10, 2017

With an album due out on December 8, this week K. Michelle dropped a visual for her single "Birthday." Featuring the Atlantic Records signed singer in lingerie and hosting a sexy party for her boo's birthday, the sultry club track is one of 25 off of the new album.


"It's your birthday baby, whatcha wanna do?" she croons. "Got some bitches, got some pretty bitches coming through. Know I said I'd never do it but I guess I lied."

The single is the second off the album, titled KIMBERLY: The People I Used To Know. Halfway through the record, she switches from singing to a slow rap. As it progresses she hits a double tim: "I need that sloppy top, effort?" she begins. "Really want me run it, I'ma keep a hunnid
They make me sick to my stomach, they gotta pay me Muhammad."

The result is a track that shows her vocal versatility while providing the ultimate vibe.