Listen to Too $hort get hypocritical on his Hella Disrespectful mixtape

So is the violence ok, or is it not?

November 11, 2017

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Ahead of his upcoming album, The Pimp Tape, Too $hort has released Hella Disrespectful: Bay Area Mixtape. The project comes with 22 songs chock full of Bay Area-centric collaborators. Of those chosen are E-40, G-Eazy, Killa Fresh, Mozzy as well as IamSu!. At one point there's a shout out to Mistah F.A.B. who is featured on the project for "putting this together." But when you listen to the actual lyrics some of it seems a little hypocritical.


"If a nigga walk up on you what you gon' do?" $hort raps on the tape's third cut titled "Lotta Hatin." "Kick him in the face with a boot, beat his ass up witcho crew, if his bitch don't stop talking, she can get it to. Hit that bitch with a bottle, I don't give a fuck if she look like a model. Pretty ass bitches get slapped too and you bet not say shit if they ask you." It's a hell of a lot of violence for seemingly nothing. But on outro to the mixtape, $hort strikes entirely different tune.

"We gotta stop that violence man." $hort says. "It's too violent out here! Too many shootings, too many robbings. Too many motherfuckers trying to knock each other down for no good reason,"

But wait, didn't you just .... maybe the process of recording was transformative.

Listen to Too $hort get hypocritical on his Hella Disrespectful mixtape