Watch BTS perform “Mic Drop” on Ellen

The Korean pop group also discussed learning English and fandom during a sit-down chat.

November 27, 2017

Korean pop group BTS has taken its bid for global superstardom to American daytime television for the first time, performing the track "Mic Drop" Monday afternoon on Ellen. Watch the energetic rendition above.


Later, all seven members of the group sat down with Ellen for a chat with the help of a translator. BTS's bandleader RM discussed learning English from DVDs of Friends, while Suga discussed the band's lyrical content and V weighed in on hooking up with the group's fans, known as the ARMY. Watch the interview below.

On November 19, BTS made its North American televised debut at the American Music Awards.

Thumbnail photo via BTS's Instagram

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Watch BTS perform “Mic Drop” on Ellen