NSTASIA gives love the glory in the video for “New Religion”

It’s the sentimental title track from her new EP.

December 06, 2017

Singer/songwriter NSTASIA praises a divine love in her new video for "New Religion." The visual focuses on NSTASIA as she sings about her devoted partnership before chromatic backdrops. The song's instrumentation is minimal, and so her voice stretches. The verses are concise and clear, while the pre-chorus enlivens the vibe as she plays with her flow and cadences.


"New Religion is about a new love," NSTASIA said over email. "A lot of times when you fall in love with someone it becomes your main focus, your new religion. Making this video was such an amazing experience, everyone apart of the crew had such great energy and genuinely loved the record. It was fun to be creative on such a song that describes my type of love."

Listen to her New Religion EP and buy it here.

Posted: December 06, 2017