Minimal pop duo DIN premieres a radiant visual for “Oil”

It’s off the L.A. group’s recently-released album, Real Dirt.

December 07, 2017

DIN's new video shines a light on the way the L.A. duo is reimagining synth-pop as a modern-feeling tribute to the eighties. Featuring Josie and Greg Vand, the group's songs are a perfect marriage of dreamy textures and infectious dance grooves. In their newest video for "Oil," from their 2017 album Real Dirt, the visuals encapsulate that minimal sound via a dancefloor-ready color palette and textural shots reminiscent of an experimental art-house movie; every shot looks like a painting or a photograph.


"The effervescent synth lines had us imagining something viscous and molten," explained director Amanda Siegel in an email. "We ended up using a heat gun to melt cotton candy and shooting that." Nice.

Listen to Real Dirt on Bandcamp.

Thumbnail image by Suzy Poling

Minimal pop duo DIN premieres a radiant visual for “Oil”