Lil B is getting his own rare cooking show, Food Makes Me Happy

The Berkeley rapper partnered with Colin Tilley and AwesomenessTV for the new show.

December 08, 2017

Lil B and Colin Tilley, who first worked together on the Berkeley rapper's early videos, have announced a new cooking show starring The Based God. Food Makes Me Happy finds Lil B learning from a wide variety of different chefs, including Trap Kitchen’s Malachi Jenkins and Roberto Smith, Top Chef’s Arnold Myint, and more. The show will premiere on December 9 on AwesomenessTV's YouTube channel and Facebook.


"One thing I always wanted to do with Lil B was make a show," Colin Tilley told The FADER over the phone. "It made so much sense to create a cooking show based around his personality and him learning how to cook. He has so much to say and has such a different outlook on life."

Tilley added that, despite the fact that he's known as the creator of the "cooking dance," Lil B doesn't spend much time in the kitchen. "B doesn’t really do much cooking," Tilley said. "So it was fun to see him really learn and contrast his personality with all these different chefs. B is just such a character. He’s one of the funniest people to be around. The term “rare” really does capture that."

Tilley promised that the show as "only the beginning" of the projects that he and Lil B would be putting out in the coming year.

Watch the trailer for Food Makes Me Happy above.

Lil B is getting his own rare cooking show, Food Makes Me Happy