Listen to five sad and strange new songs by Harmony Tividad of Girlpool

For fans of messy beats and Cheeto-fueled surrealism.

Photographer Molly Matalon
December 13, 2017

Released around Thanksgiving and featuring a vaguely festive cover image, Harmony Tividad's new solo EP contains some of the strangest holiday-adjacent songs you're likely to hear this year. Called you feel it more that way, the self-released project from one-half of Girlpool sounds "quirky," but in, like, the bleakest sense of the word.


It showcases Harmony's affinity for dilapidated electronic textures and peculiar poetic phrasing; "loving you was a luck surprise / I let it die," goes one track. "Orchestrated duress / the knitted scars of Cheeto holiness," goes another. My favorite is probably the title track, a falsetto love song with a fuzzy Casiotone for the Painfully Alone sadness to it: "Kissing you is easy / when you're there to kiss." :( :( :(