The top five vocal-only song intros, according to Weaves

The rising Canadian rock band ranked the best instrumental-less song intros — from the Spice Girls to Papa Roach.

December 13, 2017

When you hear the word "somebody" with that one-of-a-kind emphasis coming out of speakers, you know without a moment's hesitation that you're about to be listening to Smash Mouth's 2001 hit, "All Star." It's a vocal-only intro, a unique songwriting trait that the Canadian rock band Weaves is a little bit obsessed with; they have been listing examples on a piece of paper in their tour van every time they hear one for a while now. The band's Jasmyn Burke and Morgan Waters came through The FADER office with their top five instances — including Papa Roach's unmistakable "Cut my life into pieces / This is my last resort." Watch their picks above.