Brockhampton addressed their “Last studio album” comment

“Everybody knows it’s not really our last album.”

December 14, 2017

When Brockhampton announced plans to release Saturation III it was accompanied by an image billing the release as "The last studio album by Brockhampton." It looked like the prolific group, who has already released two albums this year, may call time on their adventure early.


Sitting down to speak with Beats 1's Zane Lowe in an interview which will air on December 14, the group's Kevin Abstract discussed the statement, and gave fans a reason for relief.

"It's funny, because we make all of our albums at our house," Abstract joked, saying that technically nothing they release are "studio albums."

"Doesn't it make it way more epic, though?" Abstract asked. "Like, Saturation III: The last studio album by Brockhampton. It seems like more of a moment than just it's the end of the trilogy—or end of the era. Even though everybody knows it's not really our last album."

Ultimately, Abstract said, they will make a decision on the future when the time is right. "If this was the last one, I'd be really happy. But it also feels like we have more to say. So I don't think it's the last one. But at the same time, we do whatever we want in the moment. So, we might be like, 'Hey, we're off it. Let's just do this last tour. That was fun.'"

Check out a clip from the Zane Lowe interview above. Saturation III is out December 15.

Thumbnail image via Ashlan Grey.

Brockhampton addressed their “Last studio album” comment