Dive into the pastel haze of GITA’s “The Doors” video

Get comfortable with the uncomfortable in this mesmerizing clip.

December 15, 2017

GITA's music is hard to place. It takes elements of hip-hop, ambient music, and synth pop to create a dark and exciting sound that exists at the intersection of experimental art and music. In her new video for "The Doors," a song from her latest EP AXIOMS, GITA extends the experimental art realm into the visual side of her creativity. Featuring a hypnotic pink and green-colored fog that envelops her body and manipulates itself in fast-forwarded camera shots and close-ups, the video is beautifully disconcerting — encapsulating the intriguing aura of GITA's work.


"The very foundation of 'The Doors' is about embracing the mirroring side of human interaction," GITA shared of the song over email. "Being completely present in the 'now.'" Watch the video above.

Thumbnail photo by Tiana Anderson.

Listen to AXIOMS here
Dive into the pastel haze of GITA’s “The Doors” video