English people are upset about the “Fyre Fest” of cheese

Hundreds of brits showed up for unlimited cheese only to find out they had been mislead.

December 17, 2017

2017 really is the year of the scam. At a cheese board event in London, guests who paid the ticket price of £30 were promised an unlimited amount of cheese and some mulled wine. It sounds like an ideal event. That was until, upon arrival, all of the eager cheese fans realized they had been swindled. According to Buzzfeed and social media, the whole thing seemed to be a massive failure.


There were no cheese boards. Rather, there was "low alcohol" mulled wine and a small pile of cheese and crackers. The cheese ran out rather quickly and guests tweeted out photos of dismay. In the wake of the failure, many guests compared it to Fyre Fest. Some even began to ask if Ja Rule had a hand in planning the cheese board event.

Check out the tweets below.

English people are upset about the “Fyre Fest” of cheese