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The Hall of Presidents is reopening tomorrow and no one is excited

If this makes it more real for you, sorry.

December 18, 2017

Most of us have spent the last year trying to stay present, ignoring the fact that we're exceedingly likely to be blown up or melt before our rightful time of death, but Disney wants us to know our time is up: it's time to start imagining a future where we have to make children memorize the name Donald Trump when they're earning extra credit for listing every president. Their Hall of Presidents, featuring president no. 45, reopens tomorrow.


Almost no one, except a couple of nerds who want you know they love history more than they hate Donald Trump, for some reason, is excited about the new addition, including the other presidents' animatronic figures, which, as Twitter points out, look perplexed.

The harshest review comes from Theme Park Review itself, which I assume is the nation's most prestigious source of theme park reviews, who tweeted "So apparently Hall of Presidents re-opens tomorrow but in my mind it doesn’t re-open for at least another 3 years or so..."

If you don't mind losing money in the event of apocalypse, you can plan your 2021 trip here.

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The Hall of Presidents is reopening tomorrow and no one is excited