4 depressing meme accounts for S.A.D. season solidarity

They get you.

December 22, 2017

Everyone's been talking about mental health memes and the way they're teaching people how to talk about depression in a language they understand. Wherever you are during the holidays — with your family, friends, or alone in bed — this time of year can be extra weird and depressing; they call it S.A.D. (Seasonal Affect Disorder) season for a reason! If you're not already rocking with depression memes, right now is a perfect time to start liking and subscribing. Here are our four faves.

1. @sagittariusmemeadmin

My very favorite sarcastic Sagittarius meme-maker. She calls herself "A memer on a mission" to "destigmatize mental health issues" and imbues some actual positivity into her anxiety jokes sometimes, which is cool.

2. @scariest_bug_ever

Binny — who also makes clothes — has that darksided cursed memes aesthetic, which is perfect for her brand of tongue-in-cheek motivational images.

3. @esoteric_queen

Come for Gigi's posts about dating fuckboys and stay for the smashing of the patriarchy. Yes, she's aware of the contradictions. Can't you relate?

4. @distressed_memes

This account's feminist anxiety memes are often very personal, but the specificity means she frequently hits the nail on the head, especially when it has to do with women's unrealistic societal expectations. That's what's so great about depression memes — when you feel alone and sad, it's nice to know there's a whole bunch of folks on the internet feeling the same kinda way.

Posted: December 22, 2017