Ivanka Trump is a “walking billboard” for Ivanka Trump

She’s schilling for her brand on a near-daily basis.

December 27, 2017
Ivanka Trump is a “walking billboard” for Ivanka Trump Ivanka Trump Collection

A new report in The Wall Street Journal claims that Ivanka Trump, the daughter of the president who may or may not be important to him, has worn her eponymous clothing brand for at least 68% of her appearances. Because she still owns, and profits, from the brand, this level of self-promotion is "uncharted territory," since first ladies and daughters' fashion choices can have very real impacts on designers' sales:


Presidential first ladies and daughters can potentially make millions of dollars for apparel companies by their fashion choices. A study of Michelle Obama’s outfits in her first year in the White House, by New York University finance professor David Yermack, found that stocks of design firms and retailers typically spiked after she wore their apparel. The difference for Ms. Trump is that one of the brands she can promote in this way is her own company.

Obviously, the favored daughter denies she's trying to make money from her esteemed position. Like the rest of her family, she insists it would actually be easier to sell her PTA-ready clothes if she'd never entered whatever she does in politics and just stayed in New York, guest-starring on Gossip Girl and saying racist things in bars with media moguls.

That isn't true, and doesn't matter.

Ivanka Trump is a “walking billboard” for Ivanka Trump