1,129 people were killed by police in 2017

A new report breaks down how and why.

December 28, 2017
1,129 people were killed by police in 2017 Scott Olson/Getty Images

As of December 26, police have killed 1,129 people in 2017, according to an exhaustive report by researchers at Mapping Police Violence. Only 12 of these incidents - one percent of all killings - led to an officer being charged with a crime.


The collected data comes from three main sources: Fatal Encounters, the U.S. Police Shootings Database, and the website Killed By Police. Researchers also used social media, obituaries, criminal records databases, and police reports to fill out the information surrounding the killings.

631 of the killings compiled - the vast majority - began with police responding to suspected non-violent offenses, or cases where no crime was reported, while another 87 people were killed after a traffic violation. The data also counts 147 people who were completely unarmed when killed by the police. Most people killed were people of color.

Scroll through the interactive data, which also charts location and weapons involved, among many other factors, here.

1,129 people were killed by police in 2017