Instagram is ruining your feed, again

With “recommended” posts, Instagram stays annoying.

December 28, 2017
Instagram is ruining your feed, again Photo by Carl Court/Getty Images  

Instagram is back to ruin your carefully curated feed, again. As if replacing the chronological order with an algorithm wasn’t annoying enough, now users will be subjected to see “Recommended for You” posts in addition to week old photos and ads as they scroll.


According to TechCrunch, these posts are not going to replace any photos from people you follow, but instead follow the posts, showing up at the bottom of your feed. Instagram's move is an attempt to get more engagement on its platform, instead of relying on the aptly titled “Explore” section that has previously performed the very same function.

Recently, Instagram took one step forward by letting users follow hashtags, but now the app is taking a leap back. There is, unfortunately, no way to opt-out of the recommended posts, but they can be temporarily hidden post-by-post by pressing the three dots next to the photo and clicking the “hide” option. Unsurprisingly, people are not thrilled about the changes, but if public outrage won’t revert the algorithm, it seems like we're stuck with recommended posts from now on.

Instagram is ruining your feed, again