There’s no better snow-themed song than Lukid’s “Snow Theme”

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January 04, 2018

Have you ever wondered what an arctic hare tiptoeing across the frozen tundra sounds like? I have it on good authority from David Attenborough that it sounds just like London producer Lukid's 2012 gem, "Snow Theme." It's just shy of two minutes, but each and every delicate note lands, softly, on the heart.


For the full effect, I would suggest using one of those apps to layer "Snow Theme" over a YouTube of falling snow. Like, say, this one. Or, if you're in New York right now, you could just blast it from the comfort of your #WFH office as you film a jovial video of the blizzard outside for your Insta Story.

Either way, let this powdery moment be a gateway to Lukid's music. There's a decade of bright-eyed sonic adventuring to catch up on, but why not start with his new EP, Twisted Blood, that dropped before the winter break. It's full of tones that massage even the grittiest bits of my grey matter. Listen below, and stay cozy <3

Thumbnail image: Joe Raedle / Getty Images

There’s no better snow-themed song than Lukid’s “Snow Theme”