Sidney Gish’s new album is so good

No Dogs Allowed is a DIY pop gem out of Boston.

January 04, 2018

Sidney Gish's No Dogs Allowed is a goodbye to 2017 and, judging by the new video for "I'm Filled With Steak, and Cannot Dance," to college finals.


"I hate class, and I hate work / And doing nothing's even worse," the Northeastern senior sings on another song, "Mouth Log," "I'm kinda pissed if this is the real me."

Actually, watch the "Steak" video. Filmed on a phone and goofy with Harry Potter fonts.

Most info about the 20-year-old comes from the local Boston press so far, where one interview mentions her early affinity with the Australian pop singer Lenka. Though most of the sound to No Dogs Allowed slots easily into the Bandcamp DIY rock world (not to mention track titles like "I Eat Salads Now" lol), it's the poppiness that hits me most. Her optimistic melodies, the Avalanches-y vocal samples on "Sin Triangle" and The Blow-style drums on "Sophisticated Space" … what a complete record!


Plus, YouTube covers.