Off-White’s new affordable collection includes $95 t-shirts

If you have $170 to spend on a hoodie, “For All” is for you.

January 08, 2018

Virgil Abloh's clothing line Off-White has announced "For All," a new unisex line of less expensive styles from the luxury streetwear brand.


"For All" launches today in each of the 11 Off-White stores around the world, and includes four new graphic t-shirts (priced at $95) and four hoodies ($170). That's a relatively steep drop in pricing from Off-White's standard line, which charges between $300 and $580 for a shirt and up to $800 for a hoodie. Each item in the "For All" collection is made in Off-White's Milan-based factories.

“The price tier allows for a new customer to see themselves within the overall concept of the fashion label,” Abloh said in a statement. “Off-White can be luxury at a traditional luxury price point, or equally it can be relevant at an affordable price point," the line's designers told Business of Fashion.

Abloh has another budget-minded collaboration in the works with Ikea, with more possibly on the way. "I plan to [launch affordable collections] periodically but with the freedom to decide where and when in each instance," he said.

Off-White’s new affordable collection includes $95 t-shirts