Nelly accused of two further counts of sexual assault

The anonymous claims are included in an existing sexual assault lawsuit filed in 2017.

January 25, 2018
Nelly accused of two further counts of sexual assault Nelly performs live in January 2015at an event leading up to Super Bowl XLIX.   Cindy Ord/Getty

Nelly has been accused of sexually assaulting two women. The claims have been seen by multiple sources and are presented as evidence in a lawsuit by Monique Greene, a woman who claims she was raped by Nelly on his tour bus in October 2017 in Washington.


The first complainant, referred to in the lawsuit as Jane Doe 1, alleges that Nelly invited her to a small “VIP room” after a June 2016 concert at London venue KOKO. It was there she claims the rapper grabbed her leg and placed his hand under her skirt without consent.

A second woman, Jane Doe 2, met Nelly at a nightclub in Essex, England in 2017. She alleges that he invited her backstage and had a member of his security separate her from her friends. Once alone with the woman, Jane Doe 2 says that he masturbated in front of her without consent. It is also alleged that he moved her hand onto his penis and forced her into oral sex.

Their testimonies are presented in Greene's lawsuit as evidence that Nelly allegedly “[preys] on his selected female fans” at events in order to sexually assault them.

Nelly was arrested on October 7 last year after Greene alleged he raped her on a tour bus after a Seattle concert, but was released without charge. The criminal case against him was later dropped by prosecutors. Greene declined to testify, telling police through her attorney that "she believes the system is going to fail her." She is now suing him for assault and defamation.

In December 2017 Scott Rosenblum, an attorney for Nelly, told The FADER, "Nelly will answer and proceed with a counter suit against her for her outrageous unfounded allegations."

Greene's attorney told The Daily Beast, who first reported the story, that police in England had been in touch about the new allegations.

A rep for Nelly was not immediately available for comment.

Nelly accused of two further counts of sexual assault