Negative Gemini’s “Bad Baby” video shows you how to rock a cramped apartment

The title track from the New York pop artist’s latest EP is a sleepy banger.

February 02, 2018

"Bad Baby" is the one of most rave-adjacent tracks on the NYC-based Negative Gemini's Bad Baby EP, a release that creates liberation in its cavernous and passionate pop permutations. In the "Bad Baby" video, premiering above, N.G. a.k.a. Lindsey French transforms a cozy apartment into a fun DIY photo session. French is solo in the clip, as her hushed vocals hint at a savvy cynicism that's been eroded by someone special.


French described the song's inspiration in an email. "I wrote this song for my partner to capture what it felt like falling in love with him, which was almost akin to saying 'Fuck it, I will have another daiquiri'." The potential risks; heartache, total abandonment, a hangover - all high, but worth it to be able to live in the moment and enjoy what one can."

Thumbnail photo by Stanislaw Boniecki