This season, make over your hoop earrings with 3D charms

Droplet chains, geometric add-ons, and a whole lot more.

February 06, 2018

A great pair of hoop earrings is the simplest way to up the game of any outfit. It's a tried and true method, and while some may preach the virtues of “less is more,” the mantra definitely takes a backseat to adventurous takes on the classic look. Charms, strings of spheres, and extra hardware add an ornamental flair to your go-to favorite this season. Trust us, these aren't your mom’s hoop earrings.

1. Have fun with electric colorways

These acidic 3D printed bags add vibrancy to a timeless silver hoop.

2. Transform your hoops into the eye-catching drop earrings

Add one, two, or all three of the beaded strands depending on your mood and mix your metals while you're at it.

3. Play around with classic shapes

A spherical charm complements the hoop for a low-key yet playful look.

3. Get weird with abstract shapes

A massive charm for an equally massive hoop is the ultimate statement piece.

5. When in doubt, add more hoops.

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The ultimate charm is just another hoop, right?

6. There's never a wrong time for glitz.

Swarovski crystal charms will help you achieve your goal of shining like an early '00s pop star.

Thumbnail image via Martine Ali.
This season, make over your hoop earrings with 3D charms