Bad Gyal parties in Mexico City in her stunning “Blink” video

Barcelona’s dancehall-inspired star is going global.

February 07, 2018

Barcelona artist Bad Gyal makes clubby, dancehall-inspired pop with a flirty shimmer, but it’s often laced with a sneaky darkness to fuel your 2 a.m. desires. “Blink,” the first single from her second mixtape (due February 23), perfectly marries those two instincts. Colombia-born, U.K-based producer Florentino pairs Bad Gyal’s AutoTuned come-ons with warped strings and carnival-esque horns, while creeping bass adds a feeling of menace.


The CANADA-produced new video for “Blink” is a lush shock of color. Filmed in Mexico City last year, it’s almost like an informal sequel to Bad Gyal’s fairground invasion in last summer’s “Jacaranda” (both visuals are directed by Alexis Gómez). It has the same fun factor, in scenes where she shakes her ass in a local flower market and hitches a ride with a local biker — but there’s a slightly surreal element to moments where she poses with petals stuck to her lip gloss, or bathes in a bed of yellow flowers.

In an email to The FADER, Bad Gyal said: “I find the clip is quite contrasting. The track is oriented for the club, yet visually it's very colorful. The end result is somewhat peculiar in a way I like; it stands out. “I'm a fan of Florentino's work — when I played Sonar last year he was playing the same stage just after me, so I tried reaching him during the festival for a collab. We hit it off creatively and made the most of his stay in Barcelona. We recorded ‘Blink’ among other tracks that you will all be able to listen to soon.”

Watch the video above.

Bad Gyal parties in Mexico City in her stunning “Blink” video