CupcakKe is not here for your elder judgement

“That’s not healthy? Sex IS healthy!”

February 07, 2018

Back in August, FBE published a hilarious episode of their "Elders React" series, in which a group of grandmas and grandpas were introduced to the stylings of Chicago MC CupcakKe for the first time. They were predictably averse to explicit songs like "Deepthroat" and "Doggy Style," with many of the old folks likening her work to pornography.


Today, the "Duck Duck Goose" rapper finally had a chance to respond to the elders in a new FBE video. Her comments range from hysterical to quite insightful (oftentimes both simultaneously), with CupcakKe pointing out the double standards and hypocrisy in many critiques of her works. She also straight up calls the prudes out for not having enough sex. "At night, behind closed doors, you can't say that, huh? Nah, I'mma say it: suck that d*ck till it c*m!"

Watch the clip above, and be sure to catch CupcakKe on her Ephorize tour later this month.

Dickets on sale Friday 12pm EST

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CupcakKe is not here for your elder judgement