Here are the 157 new Emojis coming this year

Red-haired emojis, skateboard, plus a bunch more are all part of the 11.0 release.

February 08, 2018

The Unicode Consortium have announced a list of 157 new Emojis coming to smart phones in 2018. Check out the 11.0 release's sample designs here, or watch an announcement video above via Emojipedia.


The new symbols include hair options, like red, curly, and silver, new animals like the badger and kangaroo, additions that are built for social media (the "receipt" Emoji), and as always, seemingly random ones that will inevitably make their way into everyday conversation. They'll all be on your smartphones "in August or September," Unicode says.

As TechCrunch explains, new Emojis are decided upon by members of the Unicode Consortium's subcommittee. Sample designs like the ones above are discussed for months before being put to a vote, and then tweaked for different operating systems, so they'll likely look different when they're eventually released.

Here are the 157 new Emojis coming this year