Lor Choc’s “No Favors” will give you the boost of confidence you deserve

West Baltimore’s rising star takes on New York in her latest clip.

February 13, 2018

Lor Choc sings out her feelings with her whole ass heart. The 19 year old from West Baltimore got her start in music at a young age through her church, and later developed her talents for melody and storytelling into a soul-touching meld of rapping and singing. Her sound is best heard on her 2016 debut project Worth The Wait, and more recently on “Fast Life,” an shimmering banger about doing whatever it takes to get to the money.


Premiering today on The FADER in video form is “No Favors,” a bright, self-motivating tune about having come up on her own, owing nothing to no one, and being proud of that. Shot during a sunny visit to New York, Choc is seen smiling big as ever while walking around different parts of the city with a friend. “While they workin’ harder / I’m workin’ smarter / gotta be greater,” she belts while hanging on the subway steps.

Of the song, Choc shared over email: “‘No Favors’ is about me chasing money, getting it and keeping it. [It’s] also about how people be quick to say they did this or that or gave you a handout — I did it on my own and they ain’t do me no favors.” Watch the video above, check out Worth The Wait, and be on the lookout for more from this very special Baltimore talent.

Lor Choc’s “No Favors” will give you the boost of confidence you deserve