It’s Valentine’s Day, so this 45-second cover might make you cry

An elemental take on Rostam’s “Bike Dream,” courtesy of a new Kentucky songwriter called Tomberlin.

February 14, 2018

"Bike Dream," from Rostam's 2017 solo album, is a great song, a gorgeously produced tribute to queer sex and Manhattan in the morning time.


This 45-second Twitter cover, by a little-known Kentucky songwriter called Tomberlin, is also great. It's an elemental take, just her and a guitar and Rostam's perfect hook. She sings softly, kicking the original's twinge of sadness up a full notch on the melancholia scale. Either version is a good jam for Valentine's Day, especially if you're a sad romantic who regularly daydreams of an alternate reality where things work out and no one leaves and love really does exist.

Tomberlin's beautiful original songs were recently scrubbed from Bandcamp, but a pinned tweet promises "exciting things coming soon." We're ready for it.