Play Wicca Phase Springs Eternal’s “Corinthiax” at your next seance

Check out the video for the title track from the GothBoiClique member’s upcoming new EP.

February 20, 2018

About an hour after scanning through an archive of 20th century occult recordings, the music video for Wicca Phase Springs Eternal’s “Corinthiax” is the perfect transition into my daily routine. The solo project of Adam McIlwee, Wicca Phase Springs Eternal is a member of the emo-rap collective GothBoiClique with artists like Horse Head, ColdHart, and Lil Peep (R.I.P.). Wicca is the poster boy for millennial satanic panic: young, charismatic, and a skillful alchemist extending hip-hop's long and varied history with devil shit. The video for "Corinthiax" premieres today on The FADER, and stars Wicca Phase performing a solo seance in an abandoned shack. If the final scene of The Blair Witch Project gave you as many nightmares as it did me, it might trigger one or two flashbacks.


In an email, Wicca Phase Springs Eternal gave The FADER a peek into the mythology behind "Corinthiax," as well as its personal resonance: "I first used the name 'Corinthiax' in lyrics from 2014 with the intent of building out a mythology that people who stuck with my music could follow. This song is my first attempt at actually explaining what Corinthiax is: an evil, romantic entity that tortures me and makes me emotionally restless. It's an extension of things like Crowley's magickal practices, Jack Parsons' Babalon Working ritual, describing the manifestation of something unseen that creates actual, tangible change in the world. Or maybe I'm just terrible at maintaining relationships and romanticize the occult in my lyrics because I can't find a more grounded way to make myself happy.”

Watch the video for "Corinthiax" above, and check out Wicca Phase Springs Eternal's tour dates below.

Wicca Phase Springs Eternal tour dates

02/23 - Los Angeles, CA - Regent Theatre (Nature World Night Out w/ Turnstile, Culture Abuse and more)
02/25 - San Diego, CA - Blonde Bar
03/17 - San Antonio, TX - Canton Hall
04/06 - Brooklyn, NY - The Kingsland
04/07 - Philadelphia, PA - First Unitarian Church
04/14 - Boston, MA - Sonia
04/15 - Providence, RI - Fete
05/03 - Chicago, IL - Subterranean

Wicca Phase Springs Eternal’s new EP Corinthiax is out March 16. Preorder it here
Play Wicca Phase Springs Eternal’s “Corinthiax” at your next seance