Phèdre’s new jungle track is inspired by Kanye and the Pacific ocean

The video for “Swipe” is laser-guided wanderlust.

February 23, 2018

Back in 2016, Toronto's progressive pop heroes Phèdre toured the Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan, and Tokyo. Footage of that trip forms the video for "Swipe," assembled by the band's Lee Paradise. The aesthetic is perhaps comparable to an as-yet-unrealized A.I. that is reconstructing the memory of a joyful and intense excursion. Pair those images with a jungle-influenced, catchy electro-pop track, and you'll probably spend more than a little bit of time browsing last minute flight deals.


Phèdre's April Aliermo gave The FADER some insight into the deeper meaning behind the band's new song. "'Swipe' is about the presentation of self in the modern world: posing with a wild animal, getting a new haircut, or public displays of inward reflection. Phèdre completed the song in The Philippines when [Kanye West's] The Life of Pablo had just come out. Initially 'Swipe' was going to be one long repetitive groove, but the vibrations of the Pacific ocean pushed for a bombastic chorus. 'Swipe' is also about a party, dancing till you get sick, karaoke, new encounters, enjoyment of life, and Bongga Bongga."

"Swipe" will appear on Phèdre's upcoming mixtape Bongga Bongga. Listen to "Swipe" below on SoundCloud followed by Phèdre's upcoming European tour dates.

Phèdre tour dates

3/22 - Nantes - CafK
3/23 - TBA
3/24 - Berlin - Loophole Berlin
3/27 - Warsaw - Distorted Club @ Chmury
3/28 - Krakow - Klub RE
3/29 - Prague - Underdogs'
3/30 - Vienna - Au
3/31 - Graz - Sub
4/04 - Milano - Labrutepoque
4/05 - Fribourg - Le Mouton Noir
4/06 - Basel - Hirsch heisst mein Hund @ Hirscheneck
4/07 - tba
4/09 - Brussels - CHAFF
4/10 - Liege - KulturA
4/11 - Amsterdam - WTF Queer Wednesday's @ Vrankrijk
4/12 - Paris - Supersonic
4/13 - Rennes - Treize Festival

Phèdre’s new jungle track is inspired by Kanye and the Pacific ocean