Peggy Gou’s “Han Jan” is a mix of ‘90s electro and Korean rap

Listen to the Ninja Tune artist’s new track ahead of the release of her Once EP.

February 26, 2018
Peggy Gou’s “Han Jan” is a mix of ‘90s electro and Korean rap Peggy Gou   JUNGWOOK MOK

You know a Peggy Gou set is going well when people remove their shoes and wave them in their air.


Over the past two years Gou (it rhymes with shoe, get it?) has established herself as one of the most exciting club DJs in Europe. The Berlin-based DJ and producer’s sets are filled with early ‘90s house, electro, and techno that have won her an army of fans. Naturally, it makes sense that her new track “Han Jan” would include her singing the line, “You gotta do it right, enjoy your night.”

Premiering today on The FADER, “Han Jan” is a highlight from Gou’s forthcoming EP Once (due on March 2 via Ninja Tune). It is a low-key spectral wonder with a bubbling bassline acting as the bed for Gou’s whispered vocals and rapped verses.

Speaking to The FADER via email, Gou said: "I wanted my new EP to have a variety of different styles, so ‘Han Jan’ is my little tribute to ‘90s electro music. DMX Krew, Drexciya, and Maurice Fulton were the biggest inspiration, but also stuff from the ‘80s like Haruomi Hosono, which totally changed my musical perspective."

"It is the second time that I have done full vocals for a song and I am kind of rapping in Korean! The title has a couple of meanings - it literally translates as 'One Shot' in Korean, but it is also dedicated to my dear friend Jan.”

Listen to “Han Jan” below.

Peggy Gou’s “Han Jan” is a mix of ‘90s electro and Korean rap