Somebody give The Blaze an Oscar already

Watch the French electronic duo’s beautiful “Heaven” video.

February 28, 2018

Last year Moonlight director Barry Jenkins dubbed The Blaze's "Territory" video "THE best piece of art I've seen in 2017 HOT DAMN!" It's a notable co-sign for a few reasons, not least the fact that it came from a leading figure in the world of beautiful cinema.


The Blaze are a French duo that has made their name on the screen. Their immersive and tactile music videos, which they produce and direct themselves, suck you in and play out like mini-movies. They just dropped the third of their short career and once again cousins Guillaume and Jonathan Alric have created something special.

"Heaven," which can be seen above, captures an idyllic scene shared by a community of friends and family. A sun-dappled field on a hot summer's day is the setting for a joyful celebration of love, life, and freedom that can only be felt with fresh air in your lungs and those closest to you nearby.

The visuals accompany The Blaze's uplifting electronic pop perfectly, with "Heaven" adding soaring synths to a house beat to a warped vocal crying: "Now I'm ready, I trust my soul."

"Heaven" is out now via Animal 63/Columbia Records and The Blaze will play their first ever U.S. show at Coachella this April,

Somebody give The Blaze an Oscar already