Amber Mark is crazy underrated

“Love Me Right” is proof of that.

March 02, 2018
Amber Mark is crazy underrated Jack McKain / Courtesy of Amber Mark/ Universal Music

For lack of a better phrase — I think Amber Mark has the range. On her excellent 2017 EP, 3:33am, the New York singer floats over clubby piano vibes and natural ballads while maintaining her incredibly smooth vocal tone. It's straight up beautiful music. Off the success of that project and her initial rise on SoundCloud, she's built a small but devoted following.


On Thursday night, she returned with "Love Me Right," a song that is similar in nature to her previous music but feels a bit more evolved. The key change that comes in the song's last section is stunning and a genuinely surprising move. Listen to the track below and prepare to stan.

Amber Mark is crazy underrated