SNL’s Pete Davidson and Chris Redd troll Donald Trump with “God’s Plan” parody

Check out the satirical “Don’s Plan.”

March 03, 2018

Drake's "God's Plan" has become one of the biggest no. 1 hits in the last 25 years. The record got even bigger after the heartwarming music video made it damn near impossible to hate. We've seen a "God's Plan" parody on Kimmel, and now, SNL's Pete Davidson and Chris Redd have flipped the song into a goofy political satire of president Donald Trump.


Titled "Don's Plan," The comedians dished out a sharp critique of the president's many controversial antics from his own POV using Drake's mellow flow. "Don's plan, never been president before / I'm doing all this off the dome," they rap.

Check out "Don's Plan" below.