Why was Bill Clinton at KITH: An investigation

We bet he didn’t have to wait in line.

March 06, 2018

today, i met my 2nd favorite president of all time. s/o my guy bill.

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Former President Bill Clinton went to KITH yesterday. If you're not familiar, KITH is a clothing store frequented by people who pay a lot of money to look like they just rolled out of bed. It's also an ice cream store sometimes. The real point is that it's kind of nuts that Bill Clinton was there. It's kind of nuts that Bill Clinton goes below 14th Street at all.


Clinton was spotted by several people who probably looked up from whichever Air Max 95s they were eyeing and thought, is that Bill Clinton? It was Bill Clinton, because yesterday — for some reason that I am determined to figure out — Bill Clinton went to KITH.

What did he get? Well, praise be to the KITH location tag on Instagram for letting us piece that together. The first clue comes from a caption that reads "He bought a pair of Acronym pants." You might be thinking that that's less of a clue and more of a declarative fact. You'd be wrong. We can always go deeper.

He bought a pair of Acronym pants. #goat #billy #cloutclinton

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Another Instagram post shows Clinton and someone who seems to be a KITH employee showing off said pair of Acronym pants. (By the way, these pants cost $747.) Clinton seems to have gone with an olive green pair that I honestly can't imagine him pulling off, but that's not the point.

After spending about 20 full minutes looking at these pictures, I was truly stumped as to why Clinton was there at all. There's no way he just... found out about it. Was there a young person in his orbit who alerted Bill to the fact that we've moved on from Supreme and are onto KITH now? It turns out there was.


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When I first started pulling these pictures, I thought this was just another photo of Bill with some fans. But peep the IG handle. @tclint. Now peep the caption. "KITH N KIN." Now peep the overly familiar physical contact from the guy on the left. That's family.

It turns out Bill Clinton has a model nephew named Tyler. Mystery solved. Maybe the pants were a gift for his nephew instead of an addition to his own wardrobe.We'll never know. Anyway, here's them having a meal together three days ago.

more good times

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So that's that. Bill Clinton was spending time with his nephew who must have said, "This is a clothing store I like." And Clinton, doing what uncles do, said, "Well, let's check it out!"

Thank you for coming on this journey with me. If you see Jimmy Carter at The Good Company please send me pictures.

Why was Bill Clinton at KITH: An investigation